Town's End Comics

We’re back, baby!

After quite a while of being dark, the web site is now up and running again! A lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. We launched this site and the accompanying YouTube presence with the goal to “sell my vast comic book collection to pay for my sons’ college.” One of those two sons has graduated and is successfully “launched.” My youngest is still working hard, though and the burden to pay for schooling remains … at least for the parent with the comic book collection.

Just as we were getting some wind behind our sails here, life happened. A nearly three-decades long marriage broke apart. Finances, assets and a vast comic book collection were all in the air as the divorce was worked out. A divorce that was final as of February 14, 2022.

The guy with the comics was “allowed to keep” them, for a price. He also is left with the challenge of paying for the rest of his youngest son’s higher education. That brings us to this point. The comics need to go so we can pay for college. We also need to pay for something new. Retirement!

The web site is up. Everything listed in the catalog is fair game. I will base pricing on the trailing 30 days of eBay sales and guidance from GPA. See something you want? Let me know. I may try to sell on eBay, but I’d rather save us all some fees and do this directly with you. I do plan to send more comics out for pressing and grading. Heck, there are CGC boxes still unboxed from 2019 that I need to open! It’s not clear if more YouTube content is coming. That’s a lot of work, but fun. Let me know if comments if you want that!

It’s great to be back!

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