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2022: Opening a 2019 CGC box!

I’m back and opening CGC shipments that I have been sitting on for almost three years! This is the first of five such boxes. Watch the video below!

Comics in this video:

Amazing Spider-Man #238 – 1st appearance of the Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, A complete issue includes the ‘Tattooz’ giveaway insert, found between the final page and the back cover, newsstand variant.

Avengers Annual #10 (1981): 1st Appearance of Rogue, 1st appearance of Madelyne Pryor as a child, later becomes the Goblin Queen, 1st cover appearance of Mystique.

Currently I’m selling my graded comics on MySlabs

Check out Chris with Gamma Rayz Comics!

Thanks, Chris!

Big thanks to JB at Discovery Bay Comics for helping me get back on the comics content horse! Please give him a subscribe @DiscoveryBayComics 🔥🔥🔥

Credit where credit is due:

I totally ripped off the phrase “I hope to earn your subscription!” from Dan Hurd Give him a watch!

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