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Crack a slab! Freeing a graded comic book

I made a few mistakes early on in my comic book selling journey. I sent off my first shipments for grading at the CGC without getting the comic books cleaned and pressed first. Big mistake. Now I’m picking books that will be worth re-grading and breaking the slab protecting them, so they can be cleaned and pressed before another grading round.

If you do this, be sure to keep the slab label and send it to the CGC so they can update the census.

I researched several techniques, including epicomicology comics and Comic Tom


Currently I’m selling my graded comics on:




This is also in Linktree with other related links:

Comics in this video:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 – First appearance of Monica Rambeau

I’m sending this cracked slab to get cleaned by Chris with Gamma Rayz Comics!

Thanks, Chris! Check him out on IG!

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