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First CGC Unboxing: Amazing Spider-man #300

CGC Graded Comic Unboxing Surprise!

Allan of Town’s End Comics here. I’ll be unboxing a shipment from the grading service CGC as I sell off the comic book collection I’ve been building over 40 years.

Wait! What?

Why would I sell my comics? Two sons in college. ‘nuff said, right?

I started sending my top key issues to the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) last fall. The graded boxes started to come in, but I waited until I had a bunch before doing my first unboxing.

The very first comic I sent in to CGC was Amazing Spider-man #300. Fans will know that’s includes the first full appearance of Venom, and the last appearance of Spider-Man’s black costume. (Hint: The costume turned out to be an alien, that jumped from Peter Parker to Eddie Brock, to create Venom.)amazing-spider-man-300-10

The recent Venom movie has driven up demand and the price, which is about $2,000 for the highest quality (grading) at the time I’m writing this. (See comparable sales on eBay here and shop for your own copy here.)

See grading details and availability for Amazing Spider-Man 300

I was particularly excited when I unboxed this comic. See my reaction yourself on my new YouTube Channel. The result? 9.8 out of 10 – but 9.8 is the best! Awesome right?

This is the first of many unboxings to come.

Interesting in purchasing? Right now I haven’t put this book up for sale. Send me a message if you want to be notified when it does here.

Please click the Like and Subscribe button – I’ll be sharing more unboxings, as well as my journey figuring out how to sell comics online. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see when I put this comic and others up for sale.

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