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CGC: Two wins … and a DUD!

CGC unboxing 2 - two wins and a dudToday I’ll be unboxing my second shipment from the grading service Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) as I set up to sell off the comic book collection I’ve been building over 40 years.

So if you’re just joining me on this journey you may wonder, why would I sell my comics? Two sons in college. ‘nuff said, right?See details of Wolverine 1 Limited Series - Town's End ComicsThis shipment turned out to include Firestorm #1 published by DC in 1978, Wolverine (Limited Series) #1, Wolverine’s first solo comic which was published in 1982 and New Mutants #1, which told the origin of Karma and was the second appearance of The New Mutants published in 1983.

Watch the YouTube video to see which two were wins and which one was a dud!

((Apologies for the badly framed side camera in the video. Unfortunately it was set this way for a bunch of the unboxings. I will tried to fix a bit in post-production.))

So I got two 9.6 grades and one 6.5. A little disappointing, but understandable considering the lower score was from one of the first books I purchased as a kid and back then I didn’t know the proper way to handle or store comics.

Are you interested in purchasing on of my graded comics? Right now I haven’t put these books up for sale. Send me a message if you want to be notified when it does here.

See details of New Mutants 1 - Town's End ComicsPlease click the Like and Subscribe button. I’ll be sharing more unboxings, as I progress along in my journey figuring out how to sell comics online. Follow me on Twitter @TownsEnd_Comics and Instagram @TownsEnd_Comics to see when I put these comics and others up for sale.
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