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CGC Unboxing: It’s a theme! Venom, Spider-Man trifecta

If you’re just joining me on this journey, I’m setting up my 10,000 issue comic book collection to sell because I have two sons in college. Hashtag: tuition is expensive! There is a lot that goes into doing this, at least if you want to try to make the most of the collection, which means selling issues off individually. Most notably, the key issues. Key issues have significance for being a first appearance, a notable event or other attribute. The rarer the issue and its physical condition have a tremendous impact on its potential price.

This is the 11th unboxing from the grading service Certified Guaranty Company (CGC). The higher the number the CGC provides an issue, (1-10) the better.

This particular box maintained a theme relating to Venom and Spider-man.

Watch the YouTube video to see the grades and – what’s becoming clearer to be more entertaining, my reaction.

⚠ ((IMPORTANT: I do NOT know the grades of these books before I open them. Yes, I know you can look on the CGC website and find out, but I DO NOT LOOK!))

First came Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (December 1984), where Spider-Man gets a black costume. Spoiler alert: This suit is actually an alien symbiote who eventually becomes Venom. Next comes Amazing Spider-Man #316, which is the first cover featuring Venom (Eddie Brock). Then finally there is Amazing Spider-Man #252, which ties Marvel Team-Up #141 as being the first appearance of the black costume.

Are you interested in purchasing one of my graded comics? Right now I haven’t put my books up for sale. Send me a message if you want to be notified when they are being listed or can’t wait for me and want to make an offer. All offers are considered!

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